Case Studies

Rea Maternity Hospital

  • The need
    Rea Maternity Hospital, one of the most contemporary maternity hospitals in Greece, offers highest-level medical services, in a modern environment of haute aesthetics. With the anticipation to ameliorate even more the conditions of stay for its patients and visitors, Rea Hospital, decided to assign to E2Aroma the development of a scent that will be easily recognized, and will engender a feeling of pleasant stay and familiarity with the hospital.
  • Design
    Design & Development of a tailor-made and exclusive scent, having as main focus the creation of a feeling of pleasant stay and familiarity for the patients and visitors of the clinic.
  • Implementation
    After carefully studying of the needs and developing olfactory proposals, an extended sampling took place, leading to the selection of the Rea's scent identity, which is diffused through innovative devices.