Case Studies

IKEA (Greece - Cyprus - Bulgaria)

  • The need
    House Market IKEA informed E2Aroma of its desire to strengthen its relationship with the customers and ameliorate their temper during their visit at the stores. IKEA wishes the creation and diffusion of a tailor made and exclusive IKEA Scent Logo/Identity that will cause an immediate associative connection of both the brand IKEA and the positive experience of the visitors/customers upon every new visit.
  • Design
    E2Aroma perfumers’ team, after carefully studying the philosophy, the profile, the color identity and many more features, designed a tailor made and exclusive IKEA Scent Identity, having as main element, the aura of fresh and clean homely atmosphere. Even more, they designed a highly attractive perfume of fragrant sweet and candy for the Swedish Food Market, and a tender perfume of “Baby Powder” for the Kids Playground.
  • Implementation
    Broad scale implementation, with devices attached to the central air conditioning/ventilation network and also stand-alone diffusion devices. Devices are digitally controlled and programmed.