Case Studies


  • The need
    The most famous department store all over the world, Harrods of London, wanted to create the most beautiful, the most "vivid" Christmas atmosphere than ever. Apart from the superb beautiful decoration and "dreamy" music, addressed to specialized European companies in order to design the "tailor made Harrods's Christmas 2014 scent", so guests can "travel", experiencing a memorable, fully integrated experience. After difficult "exams", the E²Aroma was chosen.
  • Design
    E²Aroma’s perfumers team, picked delight smells of the most delicious sweets & candies, amazing smells of just opened packaging of the most nice games and making a clever Elf friend, managed to get a small jar with the smell of the house of Santa Claus, where the Elves prepare the gifts have ordered older and young children from around the world.
  • Implementation
    The "magic" Harrods's Christmas 2014 scent, diffuses both to the interiors of the famous store, and externally, in the windows of Brompton road, adding the 4D (fourth dimension), to the unique, wonderful and really "dreamy" visitors experience.