Case Studies

Casa Parlante Museum

  • The need
    A "vivid" museum found in the centre of Corfu, with a 19th century atmosphere. It is an old manor house, where the simulation of the daily life of a typical noble family takes place. Moving human figures, sounds of that era, and a rich variety of odors, let the visitors travel in the past, offering them a special, unprecedented and thorough experience.
  • Design
    In collaboration with Mrs. Ekaterini Rantou and Mrs. Theodora Efthimiou, both awarded the “Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award” for the wonderful idea of founding “Casa Parlante Museum”, the daily habits and customs of the era were studied. This study led to the design and proposal of the olfactory stimuli that will “travel” the visitor back to the 19th century, offering a holistic, unforgettable experience.
  • Implementation
    Diffusion of a tailor made scent of fresh flowers from the fields of Corfu in the reception spaces, and a rich odor of freshly baked homemade bread within the cuisine of the manor house.