Doctor Aromas and the benefits of Scent Marketing



Doctor Aromas and the benefits of Scent Marketing


It is necessary to be creative when you are trying to win or retain clients, also to increase productivity or to improve the conditions of your business.

From appealing to the sense of sight, in the form of an attractive design, making use of the hearing with environmental music to using fragrances to appeal to the strongest sense: smell.

Smells can directly affect our behavior and body functions.

They can make use feel relaxed, calm, stimulated, provocative or seductive.

Based on studies in this field, the impact of olfactory stimulation in outlet centers was assessed, and it was observed that, when customers capture a nice smell, they evaluate better the environment and the products, spend more, intend to return more often to the business, and stay longer at the same place, because they value time as shortest than experienced.

Consequently, workplaces will become more pleasant, and the quality of spaces and productivity will raise up.

Different international companies currently use scent marketing, and ensure that their sales increased since they aromatized their premises.

The same concept is verified in workplaces.

The introduction of a fragrance builds up attention and concentration, reduces stress, fatigue and anxiety, increasing the effectiveness of employees.

The use of scent marketing, in addition to create a surprise effect and being a differentiation factor, induces a better impression of the name with which it is associated.

It reinforces and complements the image of a brand or establishment, beyond the product or service they offer.

In short, it generates a friendly and favorable customers-answer when it comes to purchase, close a deal and/or pay the service or product offered.

In this sense, scent marketing relates a concept of product or establishment to a specific fragrance.