Singapore Airlines, knowing that olfactory stimulus creates an unforgettable experience, implements its scent identity throughout the whole flight experience, by aromatizing the lobby, the costumes of the flight attendants, and even the passengers’ pillows.

Kraft foods designed and implemented a contemporary unit for locating, promoting and selling products (stand), that is equipped with a diffusion device of the scent of the product “Banana nut Crunch”.

French toys chain stores Toys“R”Us, uses specially designed perfumes for different sections of its stores, aiming to the creation of conditions of pleasant stay for kids and adults, as well as the increase of intention to consume.

Lufthansa City Centeris the first travel offices company worldwide with tailor made & exclusive scent identity, named “Holiday Breeze”, that is diffused to all 650 offices of the company.

In 2003, Cadillac presented its scent signature, named Nuance. This perfume reminds the odor of the company’s leather seats and this enhances the emotional connection between the brand and the customer.

Nike stores in the USA, are aromatized with a mixed perfume of flowers, because, according to a research the company made, this particular olfactory stimulus guides the customers towards the more expensive products, while in the same time creates a sense of relaxation and a will to pay up to $10 more for the same products.

Victoria Secret has chosen as its scent identity the sophisticated odor Pot-Purri that creates an emotional connection with the brand and the store, upon every new visit of customers.

German bank giant Commerzbank, presented a new series of Visa and MasterCard credit cards, available in four kinds of perfume: cinnamon, orange, coffee and mint. Customers can choose between any of them.

ASUS, one of the biggest PC constructors worldwide, announced the series of aromatized Notebooks FV6. Model FV6-C1, available at $1.274, smells like colour blue, according to ASUS.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts. More than 100 hotels (i.e. Grand Bretagne, Costa Navarino) and 30 fabulous resorts worldwide. Architecturally inspired, and luxurious. The sensory approach of the customers’ welcome is completed by the diffusion of the company’s scent identity.

Researchers of the University of California and of Samsung developed a method for producing odors with an extremely small device that fits in the backside of a TV. The perfumes/odors are produces by aqueous solutions, which are diffused to the air through small slots on the television’s shell.

GAP designed and uses a system for aromatizing its selling products with its scent identity, aiming to the brand-customer connection.

Car industry Nissan, presented a new, revolutionary air conditioning system named FOREST, that “controls” the temperature, the ventilation, the humidity and the scent of the cabin, aiming to assure an air quality similar to the one of natural air, thus contributing to stress reduction of the driver and the passengers.

Dunkin’ Donuts, in order to increase consumers’ interest for its brand, implemented a multi sensory mix of radio messages and aromatization of its stores. Increase of visitors by 16% and increase of sales by 29%.

Fujitsu announced the new mobile phone model F-022. It is a product designed especially for women and was developed in collaboration with Folli Follie. A small trinket with a removable perfume chip was attached, allowing users to “mark” the space around them with a perfume of their choice.

Disney uses olfactory stimulus since 1990, not only in its themed parks, but also in order to increase sales in the food stores.

ION Orchard, a luxurious shopping mall in Singapore, with a space of around 220.000 m2 and 300 stores, implements diffusion of its scent identity, offering the visitors a holistic multisensory experience.

General Dynamics, implemented perfume diffusion to a helicopter flight simulator, in order to achieve complete realism. Odors of oil fumes, plastic burning and fire, prepare pilots for quick thinking and decision making, which is what must happen in real missions.

For a show in Melbourne with the “digital era” as subject, a perfume that imitates the odor of Apple products that are just unpacked was designed. The perfume was diffused all over and made Apple fans super excited.

Hugo Boss, synonym of style in fashion. Pursuing an even further brand-customer connection, the company implements rich diffusion of its scent identity to its stores, creating an unforgettable shopping experience for the consumers.

Abercrombie & Fitch aromatizes its stores worldwide with its extremely successful scent identity. The exact same scent identity is sold as men’s’ Eau De Toilette, and is the number 1 men’s perfume in sales across the USA.

JCB, the biggest credit card provider in Japan, released the credit card LINDA Sweet, aiming especially to women, with an intoxicating scent of lemon, grapefruit and mandarin bouquet.

Luxurious 5-star hotel Shangri-La in Bangkok, among other excellent quality services, has established the “perfumed menus”. Visitors can choose not only their preferred pillow, but also the perfume they wish their room to smell.

Rolls Royce diffuses the perfume “Old Rolls” underneath the seats of its new car models, in order to preserve links between customers and Rolls tradition.

Domino’s Pizza in Brazil, in cooperation with DVD delivery companies, used thermally activated perfumed ink in DVD printing. As soon as spinning in the DVD player warms the ink, pizza perfume is diffused.

We wanted to add an extra dimension and to differentiate ourselves from our competitors”, says Christine Belich, Creative Manager of SonyStyle, aromatizing the flagship store of the chain in New York with a perfume of mandarin, orange and vanilla.

McCain Foods announced the placement of olfactory stimulus diffusion devices, to the chains Tesco and Asda in Great Britain. The devices diffuse perfume of delicious freshly baked potato next to the product “Ready-Baked Jacket potatoes”.

British Airways diffuses perfume of countryside grass to its business-class lounges.

Dental Clinic Eagle Heights in Australia provides relaxed waiting rooms with excellent recreation conditions, as well as tea and coffee in order to help the patients to relax. Also, a perfume of fresh white tea is diffused, in order to improve the mood of the patients.

Upon its opening in June 2011, m&m World Store in Leicester Square, London, was the biggest sweet shop worldwide. All the sweets and pastries are prepackaged, and for this reason, although their appearance was extremely attractive, smell of chocolate was non-existent. Now, it smells chocolate!

Bloomingdales, in Lexington and 59th, New York, promoted a new perfume of the house Donna Karan. By diffusion rich quantities of the perfume just outside the store’s entrances.

Credit Suisse, diffuses a discreet perfume in the lobby and the meeting rooms, aiming to render its customers more relaxed, so that they make “wiser” decisions.

Jimmy Choo diffuses in 150 stores and 32 countries around the globe, its exclusively designed scent identity.

Anytime Fitness started by investing in the creation of a relationship with its members. After 15 years, the company counts 1.300 gyms in 16 countries. Wishing to create an added value in the member-brand relationship, the company diffuses its scent identity to all of its gyms worldwide.

Chain stores Rainforest Café, with 17 shopping & food stores, diffuses a perfume a fresh flowers bouquet to its retail sections. “Perfume broadens your mind”, claims the vice president of the company Steven W. Schussler, and he continues that “it is almost certain that when in good mood, one will be prompted to spend more money”.

Thomas Pink, with headquarters in London and recently a new store in Manhattan NYC, diffuses a perfume of freshly washed linen fabric. “It is a very pleasant, clean and characteristic odor that remind us of our wonderful clothes and their excellent quality”, says general manager Robert F. Wood.

MGM Grand, world’s biggest hotel and casino, diffuses the perfume “Lime Blossom” to the spaces of the casino. Moreover, the perfume “Mandarin Zest” is diffused to the spaces of the hotel, a perfume of Sicily citrus trees, with apple, peach and mature melon, which are now an integral part of MGM Grand.

Oriental Watch Co, with 40 stores of ultra luxurious watches in Asia, commended the creation of its Scent Identity to Daniel Fong. The creator developed a perfume that has green tea as a base, which according to him “reflects the mentality of the owners & the Chinese origin of the company.”

Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, diffuses to all its communal spaces a perfume of fresh lemon. The perfume was developed by the Swiss company Farfalia, and it helps the customers/visitors of the hotel to relax and revitalize.

Kids Boutiques Tartine & Chocolat are like small boxes of jewelry. Their chic & magical tailor made Scent Identity is called “P’tit sent bon”.

Osswald Rhodes pharmacy in Toulouse, due to the successful olfactory stimulus it diffuses, achieved to differentiate the customers perception of the store, by revitalizing the will to buy para-medical products.

For all those who are mesmerized by the odor of a brand new car, the Canadian branch of car industry BMW created a marketing campaign with an aromatized flyer that smells exactly like a brand new BMW.

In its new chain of dry cleaning stores named Tide, Procter & Gamble, apart from the orange color of the walls and the personnel’s uniform, diffuses Tide perfume, in order to reinforce the coherent connection with the trust for this special soap that has been gained through decades.

Print advert of Pepsi in People magazine in USA, issue of October 2006, was impregnated with and emerged perfume of black cherry and French vanilla.

Since 2005, at the Film Festival Volts & Visions in Zurich, throughout all the movies that are projected, one is selected in order to be equipped with an extra dimension: Scent! Special scenes are enriched with characteristic odors that are diffused at the exact right time all over the projection room.


In 2012, Mr Kipling did an advertising campaign in Britain. In bus stops, the smell of cake Angel was diffused, and Angel cakes were distributed for free. The campaing was so successful, that it was decided to be repeated in December 2012, this time with the diffusion of the smell of Christmas cake, the distribution of Christmas cakes for free, and sound of Christmas carols.

Colgate Palmolive in India cooperated with Australian company Reed Pacific Media, in order to promote the new toothpaste Colgate Max Fresh Green Tea. Aromatized flyers were distributed at the selling points, aiming to the increase of sales. Reed Pacific Media is also the company that introduced the idea of aromatized receipts in retail stores.

In 2013, an advertising campaign with the scent of “freshly cut grass” was designed and implemented, and was developed by several channels, in order to bring even closer the British Spectator to the British Premier League. Bus stops were emerging the scent of “freshly cut grass”, and by pushing a button; one could hear goal celebration of enthusiastic fans. In August 18th, readers could smell “freshly cut grass” that was emerging from the pages of sport news in the national press: The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, The Sunday Times and Sunday Mail.

Recently Nivea promoted its sun blocking cream in Germany, by diffusing -through the ventilation system- in the projection halls the perfume of the cream when the advert of the cream is playing.

Unilever promotes Dove foaming soap in Netherlants, by diffusing -through the ventilation system- in the projection halls the perfume of the foaming soap when the advert of the cream is playing. Positive results led to the planning of implementing the same campaign in London cinemas.

Reebok presented a new series of aromatized funky trainers, in order to attract a more demanding and more modern youth audience. The trainers of the series are available in six strong and fascinating colors, and each one of them represents one of the six different perfumes the series promote.

The Body Shop, in Sweden, aromatizes its stores in order to ameliorate the mood of its customers. Perfumes depend on the season, with stronger and more piquant odors during winter and Christmas, and tropical and fruity odors during summer.

Woolworths, in Australia, based its Christmas 2012 campaign on “aromatized” print adverts and outdoor diffusion of attractive scents, from the city hall of Sidney to a big number of bus stations.

Qantas diffuses its scent identity in the business lounges, aiming to the fidelity of customers to the brand, innovation and competitive advantage.

Carnival Cruise Lines diffuses its scent identity to the yachts, aiming to the identification with the brand, providing a unique experience that will be recorded to the memory of the customers/passengers.

Researches showed that in appropriately aromatized workplaces, productivity increases and mistake rates decrease. Grand Thorton, in Australia, diffuses selected olfactory stimulus in order to create a pleasant working environment, and to increase the productivity of the personnel.

In the showroom of Aston Martin in Shanghai, apart from modern architecture, elegant decoration and unique cars, a discrete scent identity is diffused, offering a wonderful experience in total.

5-star hotels Le Meridien, diffuse their scent identity in the hotels lobbies worldwide. Perfumers Frenchmen Roschi and Fabrice Penot created the scent identity and the perfume is a mix of parchment and old books.

Hershey’s flag store in Times Square NYC, leader in production of chocolate and pastry making in North America, literally overflows with the specially designed perfume of delicious chocolate.

Within the simulated with outsanding details spaces of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, a fragrant perfume of Magnolia along with a smell of tropical forest is diffused. This creates a really unforgettable experience of the Dinosaur era for children and adult visitors of this unique museum.

First United Technologies Inc., well-known door constructor in Arizona, presents in exhibitions a well-designed garage door made from red cedar. The smell of the door attracts visitors to the kiosk. Even more, the company presents a steel door painted as an imitation of pine, placed at the point of the exhibition where pine perfume is diffused.

The infamous furniture chain store Thomasvile, with 110 years of history, diffuses discreet scent identity to all of its stores, because according to the management it provokes impressive results to the intention of cosnuming.

At the simulator in the theme park Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, smell of burnt tyre and cow manure is diffused. One is driving a Ferrari very fast, and all of a sudden a cow jumps in the middle of the road. One is forced to make “crazy” turns, smelling at the same time both the “melting” tyres and the characteristic smell of the cow. Absolute realism!

Multinational fast food chain McDonald’s, under the scope of redesigning its stores worldwide, and estimating that its customers apperception is the desicive factor of their consuming behavior, deffuses scent of coffee during morning hours, and scent of fresh French fries during the rest of the day.

In the infamous mall Galeries Lafayette in Paris, when a statistic research before the implementation of diffusion of the scent identity took place, consumers declared that on average they felt that they spent 45 minutes in the mall, when the real time they had spent was 40 minutes. After the implementation of diffusion of the scent identity took place, they claimed that the felt they had spent only 25 minutes in the mall, when the real time the had spent exceeded 1 hour.

When the famous designer Marc Jacobs presented the collection “Splashes” for the summer of 2006, he wanted to bottle his summer memoris, knowing the importance of odor to the reminiscing of memories and feelings. He choes “perfumes: of freshly cut grass, cool summer rain and white cotton fabric. Each one of them helps to the reminiscing of memories and emotional recalls.

The ventilation system of the new hatchback Peugeot 207SE has a reception for aromatizing cartridges. The installation of the scent diffusion system was a result of experiments and studies based in sectors like cognitive psycology, made by the “Human Factor and Perception” deparment of the French car industry.