United Cinemas: The ultimate cinematic experience with the introduction of scenting



United Cinemas deliver the ultimate cinematic experience with the introduction of scenting


It is well known that businesses that innovate and differentiate themselves from their competitors achieve higher returns. A few months ago, Chairman of United Cinemas Australia, successful entrepreneur and Opera Singer , Mr Roy Mustaca had the idea of introducing a signature fragrance to the cinema experience.

United Cinemas is currently looking to grow its business and scenting is seen to assist with this growth strategy by enhancing the customer experience and creating brand loyalty.

United Cinemas currently offer state of the art digital projection technology that delivers crystal-clear images with a level of quality that is far above ordinary projection standards.

 They also understand that what you hear is just as important as what you see in the theatre and all of their venues feature powerful audio surround systems that deliver laser-aligned digital sound.

Experience all this in the comfort of their luxurious recliner seating. Now, with the introduction of a United Cinemas fragrance, the customer experience is taken to a new level that is not only a first within the industry but also makes competitors cinema offerings less attractive and not as affordable.

United Cinemas can now deliver the ultimate cinematic experience with comfortable seats, amazing screens, outstanding sound, great food (we recommend the restaurant located at Warriewood that serves great food!) and now a beautiful perfume that lingers in the air.

Mr Roy Mustaca, who came up with the idea of introducing a fragrance for United Cinemas, is very excited about launching the United Cinemas fragrance. He explains, “The introduction of a scent will provide the perfect experience to our customers. The scent is now part of our brand standard”.