Scent Marketing


The average person is exposed to more than 5,000 advertising messages every day.

Companies such as Coca Cola, Disney, Apple, Nike and others have promoted their logo to such an extent, that even without us realizing it, they are substantially affecting our consumer behaviour.

Scent Marketing is a powerful tool, allowing the connection between the target audience and the products, the environment and the brand, on emotional level.

According to studies, it is 100 times more probable to remember an olfactory stimulus than something we see, hear or touch.

A tool for creating Scent Logo & Scent Identity!


During the past decade, research has been steadily on the rise, concerning the effect and benefits of olfactory stimuli in public and private areas, at areas used for work, education, waiting, accommodation, and entertainment and for the sale of services and goods.

The American Smell & Taste Treatment & Research Foundation and the commercial brand Samsung were leading research.

These two research teams reached to impressive conclusions concerning the commercial logos and results, when suitable olfactory stimuli are diffused at the area of the commercial activity.

·      Increase of Sales & Trust of customers to the Brand

·      Increase of Perception on Quality

·      Sense of Pleasant Stay and Increase of Time Spent

·      Connection of brand/product to Associations and Memories

·      Differentiation from Competition

·      Increase of personnel Productivity


The various scents and aromas may cause specific emotional reactions and associations.

The olfactory receptors in the brain are directly connected to the limbic system, which is the primal section of the human brain, housing the memory and emotion centres.

The olfactory stimulus is transmitted directly to the brain’s cortex without the interference of logical processes and the recognition of the stimulus is completed following associative and emotional connection.