Scent Marketing is a powerful tool, allowing the connection between the target audience and the products, the environment and the brand, on emotional level, and according to Academic studies dynamically causes:
Increase of
Trust of customers
to the Brand
Increase the perception
of quality
Sense of Pleasant Stay
Pleasant Stay
Increase of Time Spent
Connection of brand/product
to Associations and Memories
from Competition
Increase of
personnel Productivity

Scent Marketing increases dramatically commercial results, creates the setting for a pleasant stay in private and public areas, and enhances consumer response, loyalty and trust for the brand.

The above are achieved by activating the most powerful of the 5 senses: Smell

E²AROMA, in collaboration with the leading perfume making houses of the world, the company designs modern products, creates effective solutions and offers innovative suggestions, thus providing quality services and products.

The most important factor of certification of the quality of products and services we provide, are the companies, organisations and communities worlwide that trust E²Aroma.